National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC)

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Federal Democracy Charter (FDC)

Declaration of Federal Democracy Union

Federal Democratic Union will be established based on the political road map, the guiding principles and policies for drafting the constitution.

Interim Constitutional Arrangements

The "Interim Constitutional Arrangements" are validated and ratified so that goals and objectives  can be realized in various phases of the roadmap.
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About FDC and NUCC

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What is Federal Democracy Charter?

Goals and objectives are stipulated in "Part One of the Federal Democracy Charter", also known as "Declaration of Federal Democratic Union". Various phases of the political roadmap are implemented step by step in "Part Two of the Federal Democracy Charter", also known as "Interim Constitutional Arrangements".

Why was National Unity Consultative Council formed?

We believe that the eradication of military dictatorship can only be achieved if all elements collaborating in the movement against the military coup are organized into a single force under the collective leadership of all revolutionary stakeholders.

Who are councilors of NUCC?

Councilors are nominated by member organizations of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) which pledged to implement the Federal Democracy Charter.

What is People's Assembly organized by the NUCC?

For the sake ofeliminating all types of dictatorship, including military dictatorship, andbuilding the Federal Democratic Union, the People's Assembly shall be convenedto enable all federal democratic forces to work together in consulting,deliberating and ratifying the basic principles, policies, strategies andtransitional arrangements concerning political, social, economic, securityissues and elimination of dictatorship.

What does the NUCC do?

Implementing the policies and strategies stipulated by the People’s Assembly, the NUCC coordinates and gives policy guidance based on the principles of collective leadership during the interval between each People’s Assembly session.